Tips for using a Swordfish Dab pen

If you recently bought one, you might be wondering how to use a swordfish dab pen effectively to get the best outcomes. Beginners may find dabbing intimidating, but with a few pointers and techniques, you can become an expert at using a dab pen. Using a swordfish dab pen can be bit daunting for beginners, but with these tips, you can get the most out of your tool and enjoy your concentration to the fullest.

Use the right amount of concentrate

Using the correct quantity of concentrate with a swordfish dab pen is one of the keys to getting the best results. If you use too much, you risk clogging the heating element or getting a harsh hit; if you use too little, you won’t get much vapor. Starting with a small amount of concentration and adjusting as necessary is a decent general rule of thumb. Starting modestly and working your way up is preferable to wasting your resources.

Preheat the dab pen

It’s critical to preheat your swordfish dab pen before use for the greatest vapor production and flavor. This will guarantee that the concentrate vaporizes and melts correctly. Most dab pens have a preheat feature that briefly heats the heating element before use. Alternatively, you can warm up the dab pen by holding down the power button for a short time before breathing.

Start with a clean dab pen

Ensure your swordfish dab pen is spotless and free of any leftover residue before using it. You can attain the best flavor and vapor quality by doing this. Disassemble your dab pen and use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the components. Before using the dab pen again, ensure it is fully dry.

Experiment with temperature settings

Swordfish dab pens have temperature controls that change the burning element’s heat level. It’s crucial to experiment with the settings to find the ideal temperature for your material because different concentrate types necessitate different temperatures for optimum vaporization. To locate the sweet spot, start with a low temperature and gradually increase it.

Inhale slowly and steadily

To achieve the best outcomes when using a swordfish dab pen, it’s crucial to inhale slowly and steadily. A harsh or unpleasant hit can result from taking too big of a hit or inhaling too fast, which can cause the concentrate to splatter or not vaporize properly. Draw the vapor slowly and steadily, keep it there momentarily, and then exhale.

Clean your dab pen regularly

Maintaining your swordfish dab pen in good shape and achieving the best flavor and vapor production requires routine cleaning. To remove any residue, clean the parts with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol after each use. You should disassemble your dab pen every few uses and soak the component components in rubbing alcohol for a few hours to clean it thoroughly.

Use a carb cap

A carb cap is a fantastic tool for enhancing your concentrate’s taste and vapor quality. A tiny carb cap accessory covers the dab pen’s top, reduces airflow, and helps the concentrate vaporize more evenly. Using a carb cap, you can save your material and get more doses from each dab.



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