About Us

About Us

GOLDEN-TIGERS is a cryptocurrency management company that generates profits in various fields of blockchain. Our activities embrace all the essential areas of digital currencies such as Cryptocurrency trading, DeFi investments and NFT arbitrage.

GOLDEN-TIGERS is all about passion and determination in reaching clearly visible goals. Since the early stages of our establishment we had strategically planned vision of our company in one, two, three years and more, and each milestone that we have accomplished only strenghtened our further direction.

Our Values

Client centricity
Our customers are our number one priority. That’s why we focus on making the investment experience as simple as possible both for newcomers and experienced users.
Consistent Progress
We strive for perfection in every aspect of our activity and prefer long-term progress over short-term gains. Our lasting performance comes from focusing on various fields of cryptocurrency market and creating a team of professionals who are truly passionate in what they do.
Networking is an integral part of our company development. With our advanced multi-level partnership program, our active members create a “win-win” for ourselves and our company by receiving a commission from each new customer and increasing the company revenue. You can find more information on our “Partnership” Page.

Why Us?

Razor-sharp focus for outstanding performance
High interest rate
We embrace full spectrum of the cryptocurrency field, including crypto trading, DeFi and NFT investments. It allows us to diversify our portfolio to minimize the risk, while at the same time maintaining high stable profit on a daily basis.
High level of security
Our website is enhanced with all the necessary security features, such as high quality webhosting, SSL (security socket layer), making your experience with our company safe and sound.
Multi-level affiliate program
Start promoting our company and earn additional income from your referrals’ deposits.
Officially registered company
Our company is officially registered in United Kingdom with registration number 13182526 and works strictly within the framework of international law.
Fast withdrawals
All withdrawals requests are constantly being monitored so you will already have it processed in a matter of minutes.
Experienced team
The core of our team are professionals with a proven track record and passion to what they do.

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